What We Offer

Key Features For your Insurance Business

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Bonds & Guarantees

The policies under this include the following:

General Public Liability

Covers legal liabilities against third parties for property damage, death or bodily injury. Cover can…

Goods In Transit Policy

This policy covers your buildings.

Motor Policy

Motor (Vehicle) Insurance ensures your vehicle is covered at an affordable cost.

Fire Policy

The policy covers loss or damage to the insured assets due to fire and allied…

Home Combined Insurance

The policy covers loss or damage to the insured buildings and/or contents due to fire,…

MIB is a specialist broking house, which focuses on the selected market segments for which the team has built extensive experience and technical capabilities. In collaboration with our international partners, KM Dastur Limited, MIB brings to Zimbabwe global research, innovation and practices thereby uplifting the performance of clients with whom we work.